Hello there, my name is Bethea Coppola-Rios and I started building Be Well Counseling in 2009. While I had worked for a year at another practice, I came to realize how much I really enjoyed private therapy. I liked the autonomy and the freedom to think outside the box. Working in several different levels of care, I liked inpatient the most because it gave me a good foundation of crisis skills; I am able to make an accurate assessment quickly and adjust my style to client need based on how they learn. I enjoyed partial hospital (PH) and intensive outpatient (IOP) because of the transitional care necessary to move the client forward; I taught a variety of educational groups and connected clients with aftercare. Which brings me to my private practice, which is an outpatient (OP) level of care. Here the culmination of my mental health skills are able to shine. I like building rapport and experiencing the therapeutic relationship as it takes shape, as well as the variety of issues addressed. I like seeing the progress as the client evolves.

My goal is to do mental health better! I truly believe that we can fight the negative stigma of mental health one client at a time. I believe in treating others the way I want to be treated and providing a positive and supportive work environment for all employees. I believe in practicing what we teach our clients, to be the change! In addition to seeing a full caseload of clients, I also like myriad tasks of running a business and providing supervision to our newer therapists. 

While working for large facilities I was very aware of what I liked and what I didn’t like about the way they did healthcare. I want our clients to feel welcome and respected. I want them to know they are individuals, not just a faceless number. I regularly engage in conversation with clients abut their experience and ways in which we can make improvements in the services. I want to know what services they would like to see. I truly believe it is an honor that a client asks us to join them on this portion of their journey to wellness. I have taken great pride in furnishing the offices as well. I didn’t want the institutional and cold feeling that the large facilities propagate. I wanted clients to feel comfortable, relaxed, and want it to be more of an experience. 

I am inspired by the recent research and gains in the field of psychology. I am encouraged by the different skills that are being identified, such as EMDR and Tapping. I am hopeful seeing the paradigm shift in our field leaning more toward holistic care and mindfulness. For those who want to start therapy but are hesitant, take the chance. Do it! It’s hard, not gonna lie, but your return on investment is measurable. Most therapists have a therapists…Because it works! 

Be Well!!