Anger Management Group

Anger Management every Thursday at 6:00 pm. This group is for Adults who are employed and do not have active addiction. The cost is $50.00 per week. Necessary documentation for the courts is available at an additional fee. Anger Management Flyer

Girls Empowerment Group

Girls Empowerment ages (9-12) every other Saturday at 11:00 am. Girls Empowerment ages (13-17) every other Saturday at 11:00 am. Girls Empowerment Flyer

For Us, By Us. – African American Empowerment Group.

A group dedicated to conversations in support of empowering African American young men to reach their full potential.  “For Us, By Us.” Group Flyer

MENtor – Adolescent Male Socialization Group.

Adolescent Male Socialization group for ages (13-17 will be offered bi-weekly, starting August 1st, 2020. (Starting time @ 10:00 am.) “MENtor” Group Flyer

Young Adult Open Process Group

This group is a designed to be a safe space to discuss current life stress and learn new and different ways to cope. Ideal for young adults dealing with anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges. Currently accepting new clients between the ages of 18-25, to guarantee peer feedback. (40$ per session, started time 6:30p every Wednesday.) Young Adult Open Process Group Flyer 

Chronic Pain Management & Postpartum Depression Groups

Both groups are currently being formed, please call for more information.

Chronic Pain FlyerPostpartum Handout