About us

Welcome to Be Well Counseling, where our goal is to help you be well and stay well.

Do you suffer from anxiety, sadness, or anger that dominates your ability to live your life?

Do you feel your loved ones are unable to understand what you are feeling and you need someone to talk to?

Are you and your partner unable to communicate in a healthy manner?

Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Healing is possible.  As a client-centered practice, we will assist  you with improving your mental health and your quality of life.

All of our therapists are independent contractors licensed by the state of NJ to provide therapy. They are clinically trained to facilitate healing by helping you understand yourself, in order to make positive, longstanding changes in your life.

We take pride in providing specialized counseling services in a calm, soothing environment.  Whether you need individual or couples counseling, a consult, short term therapy, or extensive therapy, we can help.  Our goal is to help you improve your mental health and Be Well.

We work closely with an independent prescriber on site and are able to provide you with a timely appointment if needed.